Women's Weekend

           in Ceremony

April, 21 & April 22  |  Price $295

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Welcome to a weekend of prayer, purification and awakening to feminine power and connection. The “Feminine” is arising boldly in our society and the importance of community and connection is being researched and written about often.  Without connection to others, we fail to thrive and live our personal potential. This weekend is an opportunity to experience connection with like-minded women and sacred spiritual ceremony to release and purify your mind and spirit for transformation. Research shows that the happiest people have close ties to friends and family and that social interaction beyond one’s immediate circle is equally as important.  We are social creatures and connecting with other human beings (even strangers) supports both our physical and mental health.


The Magical Drum


Drumming facilitator and psychotherapist Robert Lawrence Freidman has noted, “that the power of the drum helps to relax the mind and body, energize the tired and heal the emotionally wounded”. It helps to release anger, and promote play and feelings of community and unity, while the rhythm has the ability to heal the body, mind and deeply touch the soul”.



The Power of the Sweat Lodge


Lakota elder Black Elk tells us: "The sweat lodge utilizes all powers of the Universe: earth, and things that grow from the earth; water; fire; and air."

This is a sacred time. It is a time of prayer, introspection, and healing.

The ceremony is a rebirthing process. There’s something that happens in a spiritual sense that is powerful and uplifting.

With an open mind be prepared for cleansing of negative emotions, healing of physical ailments, clearing of mental concerns and/or releasing of spiritual blockages.

Saturday, April 21

Location:  Heart of the River Healing Center
                  Saint Croix Business Center
                  44 Saint Croix Trail South
                  Lakeland, MN 55043
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to settle in.  Event starts promptly at 9am.
9am | Drum Making

You will be making your own personal ceremonial drum.  All supplies and instructions are provided by Eva  Branson.  Previous experience not required to participate.

1pm | Lunch

Please bring your own food for lunch.  A small refrigerator and microwave are available at the Heart of the River Healing Center 

2pm | Prayer Preparation
Saturday afternoon will include the making of prayer ties, communion around mindfulness and the power of connection and our preparation for Sunday. All supplies and instruction are provided by Cheryl Anderson-Hinz.  No previous experience required to participate.
4pm | Closing

Sunday, April 22

Location:  Dave and Tina's Residence
                  Scenic View Farm
                  River Falls, WI 54022
Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to settle in.  Event starts promptly at 10am.  Parking instructions to be determined the day of.  Please wear clothing suitable for the weather as we will be outside.  Please bring your own snacks for this day. 
10am | Drum Washing

You will experience the beauty of a drum circle set with your personal intention.  If the drum head on the drum made on Saturday is dry, you will bring it to participate in the drum washing experience.  No previous experience necessary to participate. 

11pm | Sacred Inipi Sweat Lodge

This is the heart of our shared experience.  The lodge will be hot, but you will have four scheduled opportunities to leave amidst the ceremony.  Please note that no one will be forced to stay in the lodge at any point during this time.  If you should need to leave at all for any reason, you are free to do so.  There are medical conditions that contraindicate the use of intense heat.  Please be explicit with the officiator of the lodge about any medical conditions that you may have.  If you are unsure whether you want to participate inside the sweat lodge or cannot participate due to medical conditions, there are specific and very important roles necessary outside of the lodge during the ceremony. 


Women must be covered inside the lodge.  Please bring a towel and a light-weight, long-sleeved shirt and long pants to wear.  Dave and Tina have areas to change into these garments onsite. 


Part of the Inipi experience involves the "smoking" of the ceremonial pipe.  The pipe is not inhaled, but rather "puffed".  Please  note that this is not a requirement for participation.  You may pass on this experience. 

3pm | Shared Meal
Cheryl and Eva will be providing a meal to share with you.  Please inform if you have any allergies, sensitivities or preferences and we will be happy to accommodate.
4pm | Closing
Basil Braveheart
It is truly our honor to offer you the opportunity to experience an authentic Lakota sweat lodge ceremony for prayers and purification.  We're also ecstatic to have had the blessing from Basil Braveheart, an Oglala Lakota elder and ceremonial leader from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to create this event. Basil is a decorated Korean War veteran, holds 2 Masters degrees, is an author, speaker and a leader on the reservation. He also was instrumental in changing the name of Harney Peak in the Black Hills to Black Elk Peak in 2016. Basil will be with us in spirit.
Wind Bells - Unknown Artist