Third Quarter Moon in Capricorn | The Path Not Taken

The moon shifts into the third quarter phase; a perfect semi-circle in the night sky. Once again divided between light and shadow. Much like the first quarter phase, the third quarter phase asks us to reflect upon both the light and shadow aspect of our inner selves. As we approach the close of this lunar cycle, the energy continues to wane and the focuses more on the reflective nature of our experience. This phase provides opportunity for us to surface any regrets we might have from this past month. As they begin to surface, our grievances it may be difficult to face. However, this inner honesty can also serve as a time of cleansing and healing.

This third quarter rests in the astrological sign Capricorn. Capricorn is represented as the goat with a fish tail, governed by the element earth and ruled by the planet Saturn. Like the mountain goat, this sign is very steadfast, methodical and grounded. Great obstacles are met with great tenacity. For Capricorn, speed is not the dominant quality but, "steady wins the race."

In the same breath, grounded in the earth and inclined toward adversity; this sign is also met with rigidity and understanding of scarcity. This combination has the ability to create a chain-reaction of fear around the unknown. Capricorn's fish tail represents the cyclic nature of fear; the ability to create and transform into something scary to ward off what is perceived as scary. Fear and expecting the worst can prevent Capricorn from continuing upon the path.

As we move through this third quarter phase under the influence of Capricorn, our regrets focus upon the self-limiting nature of our inner fears. These fears, although seemingly real often are a product of irrational thought and feeling. It is true that there are many paths and many "what if's" in life. Yet, trying to perceive all possible issues and outcomes can render itself to a state of stagnation or non-action. When governed by fear, our ability to grow is limited and it can be difficult to actualize our fullest potential.

Some questions to consider this past month:

What beliefs or fears have limited you from being who you want to be?

Have you missed opportunities based upon "what if" thinking?

How would you resolve these fears to move toward your dreams?

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