NEW MOON IN TAURUS | Stilling the Pasture Within

Updated: May 5, 2019

The new moon phase marks the beginning of the lunar cycle. Once more we are invited to stillness - body, mind, spirit. We are called to reset and begin the new stage; to clear the slate. This is a chance of restoration with minimal engagement. Easy as it sounds, it can be more difficult to practice. Often the mind and the emotions continue to chatter begging us to engage in our own internal chaos. Even if we can turn down the volume of this chatter; it rarely mutes, but remains a steady hum within.

Taurus. The sign of the wandering bull is at home with the peace and beauty of the pasture. A steady and stable animal that often spends its time meandering and grazing about the gentle breeze and warm sunlight of the grassy field. This very large animal is difficult to startle, yet also difficult to move and thereby appears simultaneously stubborn and persistent.

The new moon in Taurus invites us to create a place of beauty within ourselves to pause. It is time to sit still within the pasture of our being surrounded by softness and gentleness. Allow yourself to find the peace and clam within. The wandering bull shows us that even though our body, mind, or spirit may continue to operate with a subtle hum; it can pause and graze amongst the pasture of our being. Call upon the persistence of the bull to redirect your energy back to stillness (over again if necessary)


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