Full Moon in Scorpio | Embodying Your Deepest Passion

The full moon rises under the influence of Scorpio this month. The scorpion, jet black and polished; a sleek creature that roams the desert with great intrigue from fellow onlookers. Often feared for its ability to strike when threatened, a scorpion is many times met with caution and misunderstanding.

The astrological sign Scorpio embodies many of the same qualities found in the scorpion in nature: intrigue, independence, caution. Scorpio's nature to defend, protect and strike when cornered comes from its incredible sensitivity to the world. Scorpio is governed by the element water and the planet Pluto. The water represents the ability to deeply feel emotions and Pluto's influence as the planet furthest from the sun represents Scorpio's immense ability to extend and connect into the vast reaches of the universe - both within and around us.

This full moon in Scorpio asks us to deeply connect with our passions in life. Allow yourself to feel intensely and embody these passions as a part of you. The ability to connect in this way honors the divine expression of who you are. Your passions are a part of what make you, you. When denied, you may loose your luster and find yourself unable to thrive.

Within this phase the sun's light reflected upon the moon filters first through the astrological sign of Aries and then transitions into the sign Taurus. This combination shows us that our ability to focus energy on our passions with confidence and without hesitation will indeed result in a sense of peace and contentment. Your deep and unapologetic connection to your soul self is asking to be recognized and embraced at this time. Allow it to shine and feel the gifts of who you are.

Some Questions To Consider At This Time:

What are my deepest passions?

Are these life-long passions or are they newer-found?

How do I best connect and express these deeper aspects of myself?

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