First Quarter Moon in Cancer | Challenging Your Relationships

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

As the moon aligns with the first quarter phase in the sign of Cancer, you may notice your feelings about friends and family beginning to turn toward uncertainty. Your capacity to love and feel love may be slight at best during this phase. You may begin to question the depth of these relationships and wonder what value they provide you with. You are being challenged to assess the nature of these relationships at this time.

The sign of Cancer is at home with the moon. This astrological sign is governed by the moon. For this reason, these questions around personal relationships with friends and family are significant, but not necessarily new or overly upsetting. You are not being asked to end relationships at this time. But rather use this time to reassess and decide how you will plan to shift the perspective of those relationships that challenge you.

Often times the feelings we have are not actually those qualities of the person we attribute them to be, but rather are projections of our own inner dialogue that we struggle with. The deep thoughts and feeling of our shadow self - those darker aspects of who we are. The first quarter moon is providing you with the opportunity to bring to light those aspects of the shadow self and see how they show up in your relationships to heal and grow.

Some questions to ask yourself:

What qualities of my current personal relationships am I struggling with?

How do I also exhibit these qualities or characteristics in my relationship to others and to myself?

How can I shift my perspective to release the patterns that challenge me at this time in order to facilitate growth and healing for myself?

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