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Moon Meditation: Complete Collection | $35

A collection of meditations that follow the lunar cycle.  Each meditation has been thoughtfully created to encourage personal transformation through self-reflection and connection with the rhythm of nature.

Moon Meditation Journal | $20

Record up to 1 year of moon meditations in your own personal journal.  Follow your soul's journey and reflect upon each day of the lunar cycle.

Moon Meditation2.png

I am excited to announce the launch of this newest compellation of guided meditations set for APRIL 4, 2019.  For several years, I have been listening to the mysteries of the night sky and working simultaneously with the powerful gift of intention setting.   My journey in this process has always been with the greater understanding that any information that surfaces from this experience is truly for the greater good and in support of all those that believe in the unfolding of the incredible gift of life. 


I dedicate this to all of the dreamers, seekers and believers in this world.  May you continue to create the life you desire. 


It is with great pleasure that I share with you a FREE sample of

Moon Meditation Day 1:  Stillness.

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