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“In every change, in every falling leaf, there is some pain, some beauty.  And that’s the way new leaves grow.” 

- Amit Ray

I hope this message finds you well.  It certainly has been a long year for many of us filled with unimagined events on a grand scale coupled with lifestyle adjustments on a personal level.  Inspiring Actions is also undergoing adjustments this year.  This fall, Inspiring Actions will not be renewing its lease agreement for the Wellness Center.    


Naturally, this change to the Inspiring Actions Wellness Center affects how I conduct business as Sacred Lotus.  After thoughtful deliberation and an incredible amount of soul searching, I have decided that this next phase of my work be set with utmost intention.  After 13 years in business, I feel called to rest my body and restore my passion in this field.  For those reasons, I have not yet found a place to relocate and instead am choosing during this time of transition to focus on my next level of professional training. 


July 29th will be the last day that I will see clients at Inspiring Actions.  


This will be a bittersweet day for me.  I have truly treasured this time with you.  It has been such an incredible journey thus far and none of this could be or would be possible without you and your dedication over the years.  Although this is an ending of sorts, I look forward to the time that we may work together again in the future.  This change is just for now; not forever.  I will keep you posted as new discoveries and relocation efforts develop.


Please know that I still value massage therapy as an important modality to overall health and wellbeing and although I will no longer be able to provide this service for you, I definitely do not want you to go without it.  In the next two weeks, I will provide a list of potential massage therapists in the area that may serve as referral for your bodywork needs.


For those of you that have purchased a package with me, I will be reaching out to you personally via email within the next two weeks to discuss any of your unclaimed sessions. 


Thank you again for your continued support over the years.  It truly means the world to me.



Amit Ray

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