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As a member of the health and wellness community, your comfort is important and valuable to me.  Please browse this website to get to know Sacred Lotus.  Use the Toolbar Menu as your guide to become acquainted with  everything from current events to business history. 

Scheduling is convenient from the comfort of your home through Schedulicity.  Please create a client profile to schedule online.


Keep up to date with any news and/or events by signing up on the Sacred Lotus mailing list. 

Health History is needed to receive a session at Sacred Lotus.  HIPAA compliant online health history form is available for your convenience.  Please fill out before your first session.


Please download and sign the Client Bill of Rights before your first appointment. 

For those that are in need of a physicians referral, please download form here.

Welcome to Sacred Lotus,

use the steps below as a guide to get started on your path to wellness  

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