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It takes a village....

The Saint Croix River Valley is a special place.  As a long-time resident of the area, it is amazing to see how this area has attracted such a strong community of incredible resources within the field of complementary therapies. I feel called to share and provide you with a list of resources that support health and wellbeing in the area.  There are many ways and providers to support wellness goals.  You, the client, benefit from a network of healers/practitioner/therapists that work together; transparency and connection is part of that power.  This list will continue to grow and change as more connections are made.  


Hover over each modality in the tab above to reveal specific businesses in the area.  Click on the name of the business to be redirected to their individual website for more information.  EJNOY!

Building a stronger community...

In addition to networking with fellow practitioners, there are many incredible was that you can make a difference both locally or globally.  There are several charitable causes in need of community support from people like you and businesses like me.  Periodically throughout the year I will show support for organizations and causes in need.  You can visit this page for updates on how you can make a difference in another's life by a charitable donation.  As a thank you for your kindness and generosity, a $5 coupon toward any Sacred Lotus product or service will be issued upon donation.

Thank you for your kindness and consideration!



A month that Matters 

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Melissa Toavs is a remarkable person.  She has worked several years with incarcerated women.  Her innate ability to work with trauma and facilitate healing has helped restore hope in many of the women she encounters within her daily work life.  It is not uncommon that she hears (even years later) 'thank you for helping to change my life' from past inmates.  


With all of her first-hand experience, it is no wonder she felt called to serve the girls of the Melody House | Montego Bay Community Home for Girls in Montego Bay, Jamaica this past February.  After only a week of time with these incredible children and young adults, she knew they would be in her heart forever.  Melissa is determined to continue supporting the needs of Melody House in any way possible.  Her first mission is to generate funds to install a security fence around the perimeter of the residence.  Many of the girls have suffered an incredible amount of trauma and abuse in their short lives.  The security fence will provide the peace of mind necessary for the girls to establish a foundation of feeling safe.

As a special thank you for your donation, Melissa is offering artwork prints designed and created by her Mother and inspired by her beautiful daughter Suzanna Joy.


A Message From Melissa...


SUZANNA JOY (SJ) inspired Gramm's brush to create this masterpiece on her second angelversary.  I learned of the starfish story through the Center for Creative Learning in Milwaukee, WI when I went there seeking freedom from childhood trauma in 2012.  The clearing of that trauma created a space for Suzanna Joy to come to earth for her entire life, the time that she needed to fulfill her life's purpose, 34.5 weeks within ma and 30 minute with breath.  SJ, Gramma and I continue to be bound in mission of service to bring safety to children who are earth bound.


The second masterpiece was inspired by Suzanna Joy and the quilts that are hand made with love that the girls coming into Melody House get s to pick out.  The phrase, "There is one heart, and it matters to this one," is adopted from the Center for Creative Learning with Patricia Clason's permission.


All proceeds from the sale of both these masterpieces will go directly to building a security fence around Melody House, Hiome for Girls in Montego Bay, Jamaica where our 16 girls live seeking safety after experiencing trauma or abandonment.  Thank you from all three of us and thank you in advance from Melody House.


From our hearts to your: warmth, peace and loving light - 

Melissa Toavs

Human Beoing | Momma | Certified Healing Touch Practitioner | Doula through Stillbirthday  

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